Amy’s 30-year career has been spent as a financial advisor working with large Wall Street institutions and closely held businesses in the area of wealth preservation.  After struggling with severe childhood asthma and contracting Lyme Disease in her 30’s, Amy began shifting gears in business at age 50 to focus on the lifestyle of health and sustainability “LOHAS” marketplace.

 Looking at global trends, healthcare and food conditions in America, environmental causes, and the emergence of natural alternatives to wellness and “food as medicine,” Amy is using her health and investment experiences to disrupt old business models by employing new holistic technologies.

Through her company Templepride, LLC ( Amy educates people in an emerging area of health science called Nutrigenomics and Biohacking, which is the future of aging and disease prevention. She is an avid proponent of entrepreneurship and investing. Health and money are the most significant stressors in people’s lives, and Amy’s work helps people maximize and garner benefits from both areas, improving their overall wellness.


Amy graduated from The George Washington University with a BBA in International Business and completed Harvard Executive Education, John Maxwell Leadership Training, and a 3-year training with Dan Sullivan, founder of The Strategic Coach.