We all know them – the veggies that linger longest on the tray, as if sad that they’ve been so thoroughly ignored. But when you look and taste like celery, what do you expect? Well – stop skipping over the veggies below, because not only can they be cooked in a variety of great recipes, but they’re great for you as well!


The afore-mentioned loser of the veggie tray, celery is often derided as too watery or stringy. But here’s the thing – it is loaded with phthalides that act as a natural diuretic, support the circulatory system, and reduce high blood pressure. Celery can be used for a nice bit of crunch in salads and soups, turned into stir fry, or braised in beef broth for a delicious side dish.


First off, who hates mushrooms? They’re delicious! But they tend to get shoved off to the side because they’re not leafy or green. But mushrooms have been shown to reduce the risks of stomach, colon, and prostate cancer! Plus, they’re full of the Vitamin D that helps you fight off the common cold. Add mushrooms and spinach to pasta, make a deli-inspired sandwich, or just stuff them full of breadcrumbs and cheese.

Brussels Sprouts

These guys might look like strange mini cabbages, but they’re wonderful for you! They’re packed with glucosinolates, anti-carcinogenic compounds that can cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Plus, they can be cooked in so many delicious ways! Shred thembread themcaramelize them, or toss them in a casserole – whatever floats your boat!

There you go! A few vegetables that we all need to stop overlooking, and some recipes to help you get started cooking them. Do you have a favorite dish that uses one of these amazing ingredients? Share it in the comments!

Image Credit: Miscellaneous seasonal vegetables by Alastair M. Robinson