Hearts, chocolates, flowers, and gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes are all staples of a romantic Valentine’s Day. So why do we let fighting for reservations, sitting in crowded restaurants, and trying to ignore the PDA-heavy couple next to your table get in the way of quality couple time? Instead of stressing out this Valentine’s Day (or exposing yourself to other people’s germs) why not make a romantic dinner at home? These three meals are all healthy, incredibly delicious, and utterly romantic.

French-Inspired Valentine Dinner

The French know a thing or two about romance, and a thing or two more about good food. Annabelle Gurwitch’s meal, inspired by Paris cuisine, is a gastronomic delight from start to finish. Whether it’s the steamed mussels in garlic and shallots or the pommes frites that have you salivating, this meal is guaranteed to please.

Seafood Risotto

This creamy, decadent dish may seem intimidating, but takes less than 40 minutes to cook, and clocks in at 400 calories. Pair it with a simple salad of mixed greens, freshly baked French bread, and a crisp white wine for an easy and romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Deep-Dish Polenta Pizza

Pizza doesn’t scream romance, but this vegetarian dish is so flavorful you can’t help but be wooed. Pair it with Glazed Carrots and a deep red wine for a simple yet delicious vegetarian meal.

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Image Credit: Smathur80