Over at The Huffington Post, there’s a great article about parts of fruits and vegetables we don’t eat, but should. Sadly, with one exception, they don’t tell you HOW to cook them! So I collected a few recipes for each fruit or veggie part, so you can make the most of your produce.

Apple Peel

Well, obviously one easy way to take advantage of all the fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants found in apple peels is to eat the whole apple! But you can also freeze the peels and then add them to oatmeal (simmering them along with raisins and cinnamon) or toss them into fruit smoothies for extra fiber. Want to get really adventurous? Make Oven Dried Cinnamon Sugar Apple PeelChips!

Swiss Chard Stems

Those gorgeously colored stems are full of the amino acid glutamine, which helps the body’s healing and repair process. Unfortunately, so many recipes call for you to discard them! Well no more: Poor and Gluten Free has 8 different methods for cooking your stems, including a delicious sounding vegetable soup, Asian stir fry, and parmesan baked! Yum!

Orange Peel

Once again, the peel of the fruit is jam-packed with goodness – orange peel can help protect your body from heart disease and inflammation. You can use the full peel with Candied Orange Peels or Orange Peel Cookies, or you can use the zest in recipes like Spicy Orange Zest Beef!

Beet Greens

Even though they’re grown for their roots, beet greens have fiber, calcium, iron, and tons of Vitamins A and K. Try serving them along with Roasted Beets, or as Sauteed BeetGreens. Just don’t throw them away!

Watermelon Rind

This one threw me off for a minute – aren’t the rinds inedible? Turns out they’re not! Plus, they’re full of the amino acid citrulline which helps improve athletic performance and ease muscle soreness. Whether you make a stir-frypickle the rinds, or turn them into candy, there’s plenty of ways to get all those nutrients!

There you go! A few recipes that allow you to cook what The Huffington Post swears you can’t throw away. Let me know which of these you try!

Image Credit: grongar