Calcium is an important mineral that is vital for strong bones and teeth. The mineral also helps the body maintain healthy blood vessels and regulate blood pressure. Adults should consume 1,000 milligrams of calcium per day – easy enough if you drink some milk and put cheese on your sandwich at lunchtime. But what happens to the people who cannot have dairy products? If you’re vegan or lactose intolerant, don’t worry – calcium can be found in plenty of other sources, like the ones below.

White Beans contain 191 milligrams of calcium per serving. They’re delicious with pasta, salad, or even as a substitute for chickpeas in hummus. Why not try white beans with kale and sausage,  a quick and easy (and vegan!) white bean salad, or a white bean and vegetable soup.Snacking on 8 tasty dried figs will get you 107 milligrams of calcium. Whether you eat them plain as a snack, or turn them into jam, you’ll get 10% of your daily calcium in a delicious package. Speaking of jam, serve it with goat cheese on French bread for an easy, sweet/savory party dish!

Kale is packed with calcium; 2 cups gets you 188 milligrams. Have a salad with dinner, put leafy greens on your sandwich, or turn them into tasty chips! You could also make the white beans and sausage recipe I link to above, or try out Quinoa with Mushrooms, Kale, and Sweet Potatoes.

Almonds: Good news for former milk lovers! Almonds contain 72 milligrams of calcium per serving, and make delicious butter and milk substitutes! If you’re feeling intrepid, you can even make your own almond milk at home!

Turnip Greens: These amazing greens actually contain 20% of your daily vitamin intake of calcium! As a bonus, turnip greens are also filled with antioxidants and folate – what’s not to like? Try them in a stew or turn them into dip, whichever suits your mood!

For more great non-dairy options for your daily calcium, head on over to The Huffington Post.

Image Credit: Pixel-Sepp