The tagline of this blog says it, but I’ll repeat it here. Food is so more than just fuel. Unfortunately, with our busy schedules and multi-tasking, we tend to forget that. We rush through meals, eat at our desks, veg out in front of the television – all of which distracts us from the food we’re eating. Numerous studies have shown that rushing through meals is bad for our health, but how do we break the habit? Over at The Huffington Post, Abigail Wise has some great advice for slowing down and enjoying our food. Here are my favorites:


I mentioned above that we tend to eat at our desks, or in front of our televisions. Well, stop that! Sit down and focus just on your meal – it’ll help you slow down and appreciate what you’re putting in your body. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy the flavor of food more when I’m not distracted by other things. It seems silly, but there is something decadent about sitting down and just eating. We should do it more often.

Chew More

You may not need to chew each bite 50 times like your grandmother insisted, but you should make an effort to chew each bite thoroughly. Not only does it help you slow down, but chewing triggers a whole host of reactions in your body; it increases the production of saliva which helps further break down your food, it tells your stomach to prepare for digestion, and the act of chewing breaks down the food as well, making everything else easier on your body.

Switch Things Up

If you’re still having trouble with mindful eating, try changing your routine. Eat with your non-dominant hand, set your fork down in between bites, or even use chopsticks. Do something different that makes you focus on your food and removes your ability to zone out. And who knows – enough practice and you could train yourself to be ambidextrous!

The rest of the article is full of good advice, and well worth a read. If you start practicing any of Wise’s suggestions, be sure to let me know!

Image Credit: Sam Pullara