These fruits look like they should be props on a sci-fi movie set, not sitting on your kitchen counter. But despite their strange appearance, these fruits are jam-packed with flavor, fiber, and healthy nutrients. Don’t let their looks scare you off, give these superfoods a shot!

Turmeric Root
Turmeric root might look like ginger that got dipped into a vat of food coloring, but the health benefits of the root are phenomenal. Grate it, shred it, or chop into dishes and smoothies, and enjoy all the anti-oxidant goodness that comes from curcumin (a crucial ingredient in TrueScience Anti-Aging Cream), which recent research has shown to fight off some types of cancer.










It looks like scallops nestled into a coconut, but the mangosteen is a tasty, healthy treat that’s full of fiber, iron, Vitamin C, and folate (a B vitamin that’s really important for pregnant women).


This enormous fruit can reach up to 80 pounds, and its starchy flesh makes for tasty chips! The jackfruit is a great source for manganese, which is a mineral that is essential for brain and nerve function.

Buddha’s Hand

Don’t let its gnarled appearance fool you – this fruit has the taste of lemon without the pulp, and packs even more flavor than traditional citrus. The rind is great for zesting, and just 1 tablespoon of the fruit gives you 13% of your daily recommended intake of Vitamin C.


It looks like an aggressive orange pomegranate, but it tastes like a mix of zucchini, cucumber, kiwi, and banana. You only eat the juicy green insides, which are so full of water that the fruit can keep you hydrated on a hot, dry day. The fruit is also rich in potassium, iron, and vitamins A and C.

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Featured Image Credit: The Telegraph