Somehow it’s gotten into our collective consciousness that there are certain foods that you can never have too much of. These snacks are held in an almost mythical status by people who insist you can munch to your hearts content without worrying so long as you stick to these specific foods. Sorry to say, but I’m here to bust your bubble. Below are the healthy foods that really aren’t.


I know, it’s tragic. Hummus is beloved by everyone (except those with nut allergies) and it seems like such a reasonable snack food! After all, it’s made from chickpeas, how could it be bad for you? The problem with hummus comes from the amount that people eat – a serving size is usually just 2 tablespoons, but how many times have you sat down and eaten the whole thing? Keep hummus healthy by pre-scooping out your serving, and eating it with fresh vegetables.

Dried Fruit

One of the best ways to consume moderate amounts of healthy sugar is to eat fresh fruit. The fiber and liquid help moderate the fructose so you don’t get a sugar rush followed by a crash. Over the years though, that’s somehow gotten translated to: chow down on as much dried fruit as you like, which is just wrong. Dried fruit has all of the sugar and none of the fiber of regular fruit, and is too often mixed into trail mix – which can have up to 7 servings in one small bag! Do yourself a favor, and stick to the fresh stuff.


Say it ain’t so! But yes, sadly, pickles are not all that great for you. They are just full of sodium, and most pickle brands add sugar as well. But here’s a solution – enjoy in moderation. And for goodness sakes, don’t eat fried pickles! Just because they’re technically vegetables doesn’t mean they’re good for you!


Oh, granola. The trickiest of the “health” foods! It seems like it’d be really good for you, all hearty and full of oats and such. But granola is highly caloric, and its serving size is incredibly small – usually 1/4 to 1/3 of a cup. Hardly a filling breakfast! But here’s what you can do: have some light yogurt, chop up some fresh fruit, and top with a single serving of granola. A hearty, healthy breakfast that doesn’t max out on calories. Perfect!
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