Hangry – a portmanteau of “hungry” and “angry” that has gained popularity over the past several months. That irritable feeling can ruin your day, and if you take it out on your friends, family, and coworkers, can ruin theirs as well. But this feeling can be stopped!

Hanger is the result of low blood sugar, which means a drop in your energy and self-control, which send you into a moody, food-seeking binge. But don’t just cram your face with sugar in the hopes of nipping this feeling in the bud. The key to preventing hanger is to eat balanced meals about 4-6 hours apart, and add in healthy snacks when hunger strikes. So what kind of snacks, you ask?

That’s right! Produce is full of water and fiber to fill you up, while healthy proteins have staying power. Below are a few different combos to try out.

Celery + Natural Peanut Butter

Yup, time to go back to kindergarten with this snack! Cut up some celery, smear them with peanut butter, and enjoy! Just remember to floss afterward.

Baby Carrots + Hummus

That’s right – hummus, made with chickpeas, is a good source of protein. Meanwhile the baby carrots provide a nice crunch!

Apples + Cheddar Cheese

Cut up an apple into wedges, and pair each wedge with a small slice of cheddar cheese. A single serving of cheddar has 7 grams of protein – 14% of your Daily Value! (I like to pair it with a Granny Smith apple for a tart kick!)

Strawberries + Almond Milk

Pour yourself a glass of rich, smooth almond milk and enjoy a bowl of fresh strawberries. Who says you can’t have dessert in the middle of the day?

Cherry Tomatoes + String Cheese

Perfect for a quick, no-mess snack! Depending on the brand, string cheese can contain between 6 – 9 grams of protein per serving. What’s not to like?

I hope these suggestions help keep you full and happy throughout the day. If you do get hangry, don’t just jam a cookie in your mouth – make an effort to get a hold of some healthy snacks. And don’t take your hanger out on others!

Image Credit: Chelsea Nesvig