Just ask any woman who has suffered hair loss or thinning hair and she will tell you that hair makes up so much of how she sees herself and how she shows up in the world. It’s largely emotional, of course, but those strands that dangle from our scalps affect how we actually feel. And for many of us, our hair is as good as any bulletin board in expressing to the world who we are and the ideas for which we stand.

This is one of the reasons that I am actively sharing the True Science Hair Care System that I am currently using—it’s my way of having a great-looking head of hair while reducing my carbon footprint. These products use cleaner ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals and they promote healthier, shiner and fuller hair.

How does it work? First, let me explain what your hair is made of and how it grows. Your hair grows from pockets of skin called follicles and is made up of dead cells that are actually a tough protein called keratin. Hair is anchored into the skin by the hair’s bulb, a small formation that grows at the root of the strand of hair. The bulb is nourished in the scalp by blood vessels and its living cells divide and grow, which is what lengthens the hair.

Over time, the cells will also deliver hormones that will modify your hair growth and eventually the hair’s structure at various times throughout your life. Although you were born with at least 100,000 hair follicles on your scalp, this is one reason for hair loss because a hair follicle can decide to turn off and take a rest from producing hair either temporarily of permanently. Once the follicle turns off then the hair falls out.  And of course, hair breakage is another story. Most products would not be able to help since hair is made of dead cells and regeneration is not possible—cutting is typically the answer.

This is where the True Science Hair Care System enters. The products, and specifically the scalp serum,  proactively works beneath the scalp at the root level where it nourishes the living cells and its healthy ingredients and gene activation composition fortifies the hair before it pushes through the scalp, where it eventually dies. LifeVantage scientists that make these products have quantified a “58% reduction in hair breakage for people using the system.” That’s tremendous.

I have truly seen the difference in my own hair; it’s so shiny and full! The next time you care for your own crowing jewel, consider reaching for something that makes a statement—both in your physical appearance and in how you care for the environment.