If you’re a half-glass full kind of person, here’s some news to brighten your day! A recent study published in the Journal of Personality shows that optimism’s benefits can be found in both low and high-income countries, and that most people around the world are optimistic about the future.

Author Shane Lopez and his colleagues analyzed data from the Gallup World Poll, who questioned 150,000 people from 142 countries. Questions included life satisfaction, future expectations, positive and negative emotions, and health. While the world may seem like a depressing place sometimes, the study found that 89% of respondents said they believed the future was going to be good or better than their current situation – a “glass half-full” mentality, if you will.

While individual factors like age, income level, education, and gender did have a small impact on optimism, national impacts like GDP and life expectancy had little to no impact whatsoever. That’s a good thing, researchers say. They also found connections between having a positive outlook and improved physical health. So be sure to look on the bright side – it’ll make you feel better, and they’ve found the science that proves it!