Over the past few years, bike sharing programs have spread across the United States like wildfire. Whether you’re riding on Capital Bikeshare in DC, cruising on a CitiBike in New York, or hopping onto a Divvy in Chicago, bikeshare programs make it easy to run quick errands and get around town without a car. But what’s less easy is carrying all your belongings from Point A to Point B. Casual riders haven’t had many options for bike bags – they’re either panniers meant for the spandex crowd or the cross-chest bags meant for bike messengers. No more! Based out of Chicago, Maria Boustead of Po Campo has created a bag specifically designed for bike share.

The Po Campo Bike Share Bag is designed to fit on the Bixi bikes that are commonly used for bike shares. The Bixi bikes are designed for comfort, with fenders, bike lights, and a front rack. What’s missing is the rear rack that most bike bags are designed to attach to. That’s where the Bike Share Bag comes in. These versatile bags are designed to fit into the front rack with ease, attach with bungee cords, and expand to fit a variety of items.

So how can you get this bag? Well, they’ll be available on the Po Campo site starting in June this year. If you want to be sure to get one of the first bags, consider supporting their Kickstarter campaign – pledges above $80 are guaranteed a bag from the first production run, plus other fun swag.

Still not convinced? Watch the demonstration video, below, and learn just how versatile this bag can be. Then get to your closest bike share station, borrow a bike, and get riding!