“Shed pounds and inhibitions” is one of the main taglines on Basic Training, an outdoor fitness company based in San Francisco. Unlike gym-based workouts, founder and instructor Jennifer Pattee leads classes through the streets of San Francisco, running, jumping, stretching, and pulling their way through the city. Pattee formed Basic Training back in 2008, after spending several years as a desk worker. Between her desk, her car, and her couch at home, Pattee was spending the majority of her time sedentary. And, as we’ve been learning, too much time spent sitting can wreak havoc on your health. It certainly had a negative impact on Pattee’s health – during her time at Apple as a graphic designer, she gained weight and battled anxiety. Wanting to improve her health (and help others do the same) she quit her desk job and founded Basic Training.

The inspiration for the types of workouts offered at Basic Training came from watching kids on the playground. Pattee was recently featured in O Magazine, and noted “Kids run, climb, jump rope, but they don’t call it working out – they call it play.” That’s why Pattee’s classes take place on the sidewalks, parking lots, streets, and yes – playgrounds of San Francisco. And Basic Training’s business is booming. Last year Pattee and her partners ran a successful Indiegogo campaign, and raised funds to turn a parking lot into a playground for adults – monkey bars and all.

Obviously we’re not all in San Francisco – but there’s no reason you can’t be inspired by Jennifer Pattee and Basic Training! The next time you’re outside, do a few tricep dips on a park bench, or some standing push-ups against a tree. Hey, if you’re feeling really ambitious, maybe you can give those monkey bars a try?

Image Credit: Walking Geek