First it was the Bluetooth headphone. Next came Google Glass, followed quickly by smart watches. Now, the latest innovation in wearable tech is here: Google has announced their development of “smart” contact lenses.

Unlike other wearable technology, this has a very tangible purpose: to help diabetics monitor their insulin levels throughout the day. Most current methods of insulin monitoring require diabetics to prick their fingers for blood tests – sometimes up to 10 times a day. Google’s smart contacts, however, will monitor the sugar level in the wearer’s tears, eliminating the need for painful blood draws. Since over 380 million people are affected by diabetes, Google’s innovative new technology could be a game changer.

But all is not smooth sailing – the tech giant has several hurdles to overcome before their product comes to market. First, they will need to figure out how to actually calculate blood sugar from tear sugar. Second, they’ll have to test how the technology works in various weather conditions – if the day is particularly arid, will the measurements be off? Finally, they’ll need to test how the contacts function when the users are experiencing a range of emotions. It could be disastrous if a crying spell could throw off the accuracy of the readings.

However, things look promising, and Google’s smart contacts could improve the lives of millions. Let’s hope they figure out all the details, and that the FDA approves their innovation!

Image Credit: Google