So you’ve started running regularly. That’s great! Running has so many health benefits; it improves your cardiovascular health, lowers your blood pressure and cholesterol, and helps rev up your metabolism. But it can be hard to stay motivated, especially during colder months. Believe me, I understand the allure of a warm, cozy bed! The hardest part of running is getting started, and the hardest part of getting started is finding motivation. But you know what’s a good way to get motivated? Sign up for a 5k fun run. Once you’ve signed up, you’re committed – and whether you’re running just for fun or to raise money for the charity the race supports, having a hard deadline will help keep you pounding the pavement. The races below are some of the most popular fun runs in the United States, so take a look through and pick the one that’ll help you get your butt in gear!

Cupid’s Undie Run

What if you’re not ready for a 5k? After all, maybe you just started running this year! Well, the Cupid Undie Run has got you covered. This mile-long run is a fundraiser for The Children’s Tumor Foundation, and raised over $1.3 million for them in 2013. So, the Saturday after Valentine’s Day put on your bedroom best and flaunt your assets as you run through the city! Put the hilarity in charity!

Color Run

The Color Run, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, was started as a way to promote healthiness, happiness, and individuality within the communities in which the runs took place. It has since become extremely popular all over the country, with events occurring year round. A for-profit event management company runs the race, but they regularly partner with charities to help them raise awareness and funds. So far, they’ve raised over $1 million for charity.

Zombie Run

Run for your life! In these harrowing 5k races, you’re not only running to the finish line – you’re running from hordes of ravening zombies who are trying to take your Survivor flags and turn you into an Infected like them! Whether you run the original race that’s full of zombies and obstacles, or the Urban Assault fun run, you’re guaranteed to have a good time and as a bonus, be prepared in case of a zombie apocalypse!

Mock the Clock 

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time? Well, Mock The Clock can’t do that; it isn’t a time machine. But it does allow you to have a race time that is technically negative! The run starts at 1:50 am on the morning of daylight savings. As you run, the clock turns back an hour. So you finish your race before you started it! The race supports Team Red, White, and Blue whose mission is to positively transform the way that America supports its veterans when they return from combat. Finally, there are costume contests, best lights contests, and an after-party!

Jingle Bell Run

Yes, another cold-weather run, and this one will get you in the holiday spirit as you raise money for the Arthritis Foundation! Plus, you get to tie jingle bells to your shoes and the tintinnabulation during the run is phenomenal!

Ok, you’ve got no excuses now! Pick a race, get motivated, and have fun!

Image Credit: Scooter Lowrimore