The point of eating well shouldn’t be about losing weight, it should be about nourishing your body in the best way possible. But our culture has put such an emphasis on weight loss that our eating habits actually harm our health. Via The Huffington Post, nutrition expert Elizbeth Rider talks about a few ways we can avoid self-sabotage.

Thinking That Fat Makes You Fat

How often have you heard people extolling the virtues of a low or no fat diet? But the problem with cutting the fat out of our diets is that we make up for it in other ways – namely sugar. “Low fat” products are often loaded in sugar, which actually is bad for us. Our bodies need fat to live, and the healthy fats found in lean proteins, nuts, and dairy products improve our health and give us energy. Plus, adding in healthy fats like avocado can actually help people lose weight. (If that’s your goal!)

Putting Calories Above All Else

I could eat 100 calories of low fat crackers, or 100 calories of fruit salad. Do you know what will fill me up, provide me with vitamins and nutrients, and isn’t loaded with glucose? Yeah, the fruit salad. Not all calories are created equal, and overly emphasizing calories above other metrics (like fiber, sugar, or fat content) can damage your health and encourage you to eat more. Learning how your body reacts to different calories and adjusting your diet accordingly can improve your metabolism, get rid of food cravings, and improve your mood.

Never Ever Ever Indulging

We’ve all been there – we decide that we’re cutting dessert out of our diet completely. We’re doing so well, avoiding all temptation, and then one night we break and eat a whole package of Girl Scout cookies. (Samoas are delicious!) Which then floods our body with sugar, which then leads to a crash, etc etc. Oscar Wilde says it best, “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” Craving ice cream? Rider recommends whole fruit frozen sorbet. Want a Popsicle? Make your own out of blended berries and fresh juice!

Those three tips really jumped out at me, but go read the full article – Elizabeth Rider provides a lot of great advice, and its definitely worth a read.

Image Credit: Bradley Gordon