What causes wrinkles? Old age? Frowning too much, laughing too hard at jokes? How about the years of exposure to the sun, chemical toxins, and the free radicals that cripple your skin’s natural resilience and complexion? Over time, exposure to these elements and oxidative stress results in aging and less-than-beautiful skin. TrueScience contains the ingredients of ProTandim; the innovative skin cream fights those external factors and prevents cell damage internally, giving you an even skin tone, a vibrant appearance, and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Developed by Denver-based dermatologist Kimberly Stone, M.D., TrueScience combats the ravages of aging at the cellular and external levels, and helps improve your long-term health.

How it Works

Hydration/Moisturizing: TrueScience’s proprietary formula creates a liquid emulsion barrier that provides superior moisturizing without that thick, oily feeling. Additionally, the extracts of sandalwood, phellodendron bark, and barley deliver exotic fatty acids to retain the body’s natural moisture. Finally, sodium hyaluronate balances moisture levels at the surface of the skin, ensuring that you’ll never feel dried out or oily.

Toning/Brightening: Turmeric extract contains potent curcuminoids that produce a gentle skin lightening and even dispigmentation, while the leucojum aestivum bulb extract slows the spread of melanocytes, which contribute to uneven skin coloring. 

Wrinkles/Fine Lines: The leucijum aestivum bulb and palm peptides have been shown to visibly reduce signs of wrinkles, and help promote a thicker epidermis for less skin transparency and better tone and texture.

The TrueScience anti-aging cream keeps your skin feeling fresh while evening the tone and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. For more information on this innovative product, visit Live Long and Prosper.