Many factors that determine our health are, quite frankly, out of our control. Family history, genetics, socioeconomic class… but there are certain factors that we can take charge of, and these factors can have a huge impact on our overall wellness.

Become an expert of your own body

This means monthly self-exams, keeping track of your moles, charting your menstrual cycle – the better you know your body, the more quickly you’ll realize it if something goes wrong. What if you do notice something off? Don’t be afraid to speak up! It is your body, and you know it best. Tell your practitioner that something is wrong, and get it checked out right away.

Don’t drink too much

This sounds obvious, but it bears repeating. Women process alcohol differently than men do, and overconsumption can lead to some very real health problems, including liver damage and cancer. Make it your goal not to exceed seven drinks in a week, and see how much better you feel!

Have great (and safe!) sex 

Orgasms increase brain function, boost your immune system, and help lower blood pressure. Meanwhile, proper use of protection can prevent you from being affected by a sexually transmitted infection Many STIs cause worse health problems for women than they do for men, so stay safe and use protection.

Protect your skin 

Though we all know we should put on a moisturizer with SPF year round, how many of us actually do? If you’re going to be outside for a significant period of time, do you wear sunscreen? If not, then start now! Melanoma is one of the most common cancers in young women – don’t let yourself contribute to those statistics! Slather on the sunscreen, your skin will thank you.

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Image Credit: Hauptillusionator