It’s that time of year again. Time to clean the house from top to bottom, all in the name of “spring cleaning,” when truthfully, the original reasons for the action are long gone. After all, we don’t rely on wood or coal burning heaters anymore, so there’s no ashy residue coating the house, and with the advent of vacuums, we don’t have to wait for warm weather to clean the rugs. However! There is something satisfying about doing a deep clean of the house in the springtime. It signals renewal and revitalization, and darn it, it’s a good excuse to throw the windows wide open and let the fresh spring air in.

But that doesn’t make it any easier. For those who are determined to master the “spring cleaning” ritual, I thought I’d compile some resources to help you along your way. Once you’ve read through, roll up your sleeves and get ready to clean!

Slate’s Spring Cleaning Series 

Slate writer J. Bryan Lowder decided to take a philosophical approach to spring cleaning. He argues that spring cleaning is a ritual and a chore, and has psychological benefits for the rest of the year. To help others along the way, he’s writing a series of posts on spring cleaning, with advice, solutions, and even the “correct” order with which to clean your house!

Unf*&% Your Habitat

This cheekily named website’s motto is “You’re Better Than Your Mess.” The founder started out with a small blog, which she used to humorously berate her friends into cleaning their homes more regularly. The blog went viral in 2013, and has since given birth to a website, an advice column, and apps for Apple and Android devices. It is full of both basic and advanced cleaning advice, and the author issues regular challenges to her readers – things like, “Clean off all nearby surfaces” and “Take all dishes to the kitchen.” Plus, there are cleaning checklists, including daily tasks, weekly tasks, and seasonal tasks (perfect for spring cleaning!).

Make Your Own Cleaning Products

A lot of people only think a room is clean when they can smell either bleach or the artificial lemon scent added to it. But did you know that you can make your own cleaning products out of natural products you probably already have in your home? That’s right – vinegar, baking soda, and olive oil are three of the ingredients that go into many DIY cleaning products. Want to clean your toilet? Spray some vinegar in the bowl and scrub away! Need to unclog a drain? Vinegar and baking soda will blast through barriers! Not only are these recipes effective, but they’ll also save you money and reduce your exposure to toxins. Win-win!

Comprehensive Cleaning Checklist

Ok, let’s say you know how to motivate yourself, you have all the necessary supplies, and you just want a list of what to clean. Well. That’s where this list comes in! Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by the length of the list – not all spring cleaning needs to happen in one day! Instead, break up the list into chunks – maybe do one or two rooms per day, being sure to take plenty of breaks. You’ll power through the list without getting burnt out, and at the end you’ll have a spotless home.

There you have it! A great list of resources to help you get through spring cleaning with your home, health, and sanity intact. Good luck, and get cleaning!

Image Credit: Shirley