It seems that people nowadays are getting overwhelmed by clutter and mess. Between work, working out, leaning in, and getting involved with your community, no one has time any more for basic household chores. Which leads to piles of laundry, scummy sinks, and dirty carpets. I’m not here to chide you – it happens to all of us! Instead of berating yourself, try out a few simple methods to conquer your mess.

Make Your Bed – Yes, I sound like your mother. But really, making your bed every morning instantly makes your room look cleaner. It also keeps your blankets and sheets of the not-so-clean floor, and keeps your sheets neater so you’re not fighting them at night. And before you pipe up about dust mites, that article has been thoroughly debunked.

Use a Hamper – Ah, the floordrobe. Nothing better than wading your way through piles of laundry, hunting for a clean article of clothing and doing the sniff test on everything you pick up, right? Wrong! Put your dirty clothes in the hamper, and you’ll be much more likely to do laundry regularly! As for those items that have been worn, but could be worn again? Fold them, hang them up, whatever it takes to get them off the floor.

Make Piles – Between mail, magazines, and books, clutter can build up quickly in the living room. That’s ok – so long as it is organized clutter. Instead of having items strewn everywhere, create a few manageable piles on coffee tables. Then, as you read the magazine or pay the bill, remove it from the pile. No more clutter!

Wipe Down Counters Nightly – So your pasta sauce dripped on the counter a little bit, no big deal! You’ll clean it tomorrow! Of course by then it will have hardened, and you’ll spend five minutes rubbing at it instead of the five seconds it would take to wipe it up right away. Wiping down your counters at the end of the night is a good way to keep your kitchen clean, and most importantly, sanitary.

Spray Down Your Shower After You Use It – You don’t have to use an expensive chemical, either. A mix of water and white vinegar is great for preventing mildew, and will save you scrubbing time later. Just get out of the shower, spray it down, and go on with your day!


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Image Credit: Emergency Brake