Everyone knows that yoga is fantastic for your health and wellness. It increases flexibility, strengthens your core, and helps you practice mindfulness. But yoga studios can be expensive! If you want to include yoga into your fitness regime but don’t want to spend over a hundred dollars a month to do so, try some of these methods to get your Om on without spending a ton of money.

Get a Groupon Deal

Yoga studios want more students, but know that their prices can intimidate first-timers. So they’ll often post deals on coupon sites like Groupon or Living Social. While not free, these deals are usually a lot less than the normal monthly fee. You can save money, try out a studio, and get some yoga practice in. When I searched Groupon, I found deals for 30 different studios – and that’s just in the DC area! So if you want to do yoga in a studio setting, try out some of the Groupon deals before you commit.

Attend Community Classes

Lots of studios offer “community classes” at a highly discounted rate. These classes are open to all, and while enrolled students get a discount, the public still gets a deal. Keep in mind that these classes aren’t usually at the most convenient times – but if you have a flexible schedule, you should try them out!

Join a Yoga Meetup Group

Meetup, for those who don’t know, is a website that serves as a network for local groups. Their mission is to revitalize local community around the world. Meetup groups can vary from trivia groups to volunteerism, but one popular category is fitness. Join a yoga Meetup group near you and attend classes taught by certified instructors at a heavily reduced rate. Plus, you’ll get to meet new people!

Yoga Videos

Maybe you don’t want the pressure of practicing yoga surrounded by other students. That’s fine! There are plenty of websites (including Do Yoga With Me, linked above) that offer free or moderately priced yoga videos. You can choose your workout based on skill level, duration, or even which body part you want to focus on. Just be sure to practice carefully – you don’t want to strain a muscle or injure yourself when there’s no one around to help!

I hope those resources help! If you have other suggestions for people who want to try yoga, leave them in the comments!

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