It seems like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? The products that we rely upon to clean our home, to make it safe for ourselves and our families, are often full of harmful chemicals that would do more damage than a little dirt! VOC’s, phthalates, phosphates, and chlorine? No thank you! Instead of spending money on expensive cleaners that contain these irritants, try your hand at some natural products. What products, you ask? Ordinary items like baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice, and olive oil can all be used to clean your house thoroughly and safely.

Let’s take a look at baking soda – it can be used as an oven cleaner, a non-scratch scrub for metal and porcelain, a carpet deodorizer, and even a silver cleaner!

White vinegar can be used as a toilet bowl cleaner, to remove streaks on mirrors and glass, and to clean countertops and tile floors.

Olive oil can be used to polish wood furniture, while lemon juice can be used to disinfect wooden cutting boards!

If you want to take the toxic out of your cleaning products, check out Greatist’s list of 27 DIY Cleaning Products. Pretty soon you’ll cut your clutter (no more crammed cupboards full of cleaning supplies) and vastly improve the healthiness of your home.

Image Credit: Keith Williamson