You might think that once you’re out of your thirties, the only workouts you can do are low-impact activities like yoga, walking, or cycling. Well, you’d be wrong! New studies show that high-intensity interval training has significant benefits regardless of age. So what is high-intensity interval training?

High intensity interval training involves brief periods of very high intensity workouts followed by less intense recovery periods. Interval training can be as short as 4 minutes, or as long as 30 minutes, depending on your workout schedule and your level of fitness. HIIT has been shown to improve athletic capacity and condition, glucose metabolism, and fat burning. What’s not to like?

Dr. Mercola recommends a high intensity interval training called Peak Fitness, described in the infographic at the end of the post. Back to the age thing – recent studies have shown that the benefits of high intensity interval training provides similar benefits for groups in their 30s and in their 40s. And other studies have shown that athletes from age 40 to 81 show no signs of muscle deterioration. As we age, exercise helps prevent memory loss, loss of bone density, lower risk of metabolic syndrome, and a reduced risk of death by heart disease.

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Image Credit: United States Navy